Karan Johar jealous on South Cinema?

Bollywood film maker Karan Johar who is known for delivering romantic and family dramas is often lashed by a few celebrities like Kangana Ranaut for supporting nepotism and curbing the careers of many young talents.

Praised for his business skills, Karan Johar has distributed the Baahubali franchise in the North and he’s been associated with south movies since then. The director-cum-producer has recently opened up about the massive success of KGF 2 which collected over Rs 1250 crores in its full run.

Karan Johar’s recent statement over KGF 2 shocked the audience.

“When I read the KGF reviews, I feel like if we made this, we’d be lynched. But everyone here says, ‘Oh, that was a celebration, a party, and it was.’ It was fantastic. I adored it wholeheartedly. But I feel hum yeh banaate to? It’s working both ways. I feel we are also not given any kind of leeway and then we are trying to be somebody else. So, we are all over the place. We are living a dual existence and we have to stop,” Karan Johar said.

With this comment, netizens are losing their cool and schooling Karan on Twitter. They suggest Karan Johar to stop casting star kids and start casting who have talent.