Kapil Sharma’s salary will blow your mind

Kapil Sharma of Kapil Sharma show on Sony television is undeniably the superstar of television world. Though he appears only on the weekends, his style of anchoring the show and his casual style of comedy has won the hearts of audiences.

Telivision’s biggie Kapil Sharma

His show first appeared in April 2016. In 2017, it was off air for some time, but the show returned with a bang. At the time, Kapil Sharma’s health was a reason for concern and the comedy king confirmed that he was having high blood pressure issues and needed rest. In fact, during this time, Kapil Sharma cancelled shows with some big Bollywood stars.

For a while, Kapil was written off, though it was maintained that the show will resume. But it did start off again and as it is said in entertainment world, the show goes on.

Once again, Kapil Show is back to regaling his audiences with his team comprising Krusha Abhishek and Bharti Singh. From top to novice Bollywood celebrities attend the show during the weekend episodes, wherein they promote the The Kapil Sharma Show and their upcoming films.

Thanks to the high TRPs of the show, Kapil Sharma is a well-sought after host at award ceremonies, stage shows and events.

Well, that brings us to the question as to how much he could be charging for his popularity. So here comes the latest news. Apparently, Kapil Sharma charges a whopping Rs 1 crore per weekend, which comes to Rs 50 lakh per episode.

It is said that Kapil Sharma hiked his price by 30 per cent for the latest season. On the other hand, Krusha Abhishek and Bharti Singh get about Rs 10 to 12 lakh for weekend episodes.

Tailpiece: Bharti Singh is now in custody along with her husband, as the NCB laid their hands on drugs at her residence.