Kangana Stirs Controversy After Receiving Padmasri

Kangana Ranaut received Padmasri award and later her speech became controversy. Kangana Ranaut after receiving the award said ‘shut mouths of a lot of people’, got it for being ‘adarsh naagrik’ She added ” shunned fairness products, items numbers, working in movies with popular male leads and with production houses. I made more enemies than I made money,” She continued “People often ask me what do I get by doing all this? Why do I do all this? This is not your job. So this award is my answer to them. Padma Shri ke roop mein jo mujhe sammaan mila hai ye bahut logon ke mooh band karega”

She added that she has been slapped many cases and said Padmasri will shut the mouths of the destructive forces. However, netizens attacked her for using the words destructive and jihadi forces. They said Kangana is dividing the unity of the nation and breaking the religious fabric by spreading venom.