Kalyan Ram the new Megastar in Tollywood?

It’s been seven long years since Nandamuri Kalyan Ram scored a hit and his recent release Bimbisara is declared a hit and the Nandamuri fans are in jubilation. It’s no harm if the fans celebrate the success of their hero, but the issue erupts when they target other heroes and troll them.

The over-enthusiastic fans started heaping praises on Kalyan Ram and started trending the hashtag #MegastarKalyanRam. They are trolling Chiranjeevi as a remake hero and Kalyan Ram is far better than him as he relies on original movies and not remakes like Chiranjeevi.

The fans also trolled saying Chiranjeevi’s Acharya became an all-time disaster in Tollywood while on the other hand, Nandamuri heroes Balakrishna, NTR, and Kalyan Ram have been scoring hits. Kalyan Ram hasn’t responded to trolls yet. It remains to be seen whether he requests his fans to stop this social media war or not.