Kabzaa Movie Review & Rating

Starring: Upendra, Kiccha Sudeep, Shiva Rajkumar, Shriya Saran, Murali Sharma, Posani Krishna Murali, Kota Srinivasa Rao, John Kokken, Sudha, Anoop Revanna, Kabir Singh Duhan, Dev Gill & Others

Director: R Chandru

Producers: R Chandru

Music Director: Ravi Basrur

With the phenomenal success of the KGF franchise, the Kannada film industry is now increasingly focusing on Pan-India releases. The latest addition to this trend is the massive film, Kabzaa, starring Upendra and Shriya Saran in lead roles. Directed by P Chandru, the period action film has been dubbed into several Indian languages to cater to a wider audience. Notably, Kiccha Sudeepa and Shiva Rajkumar make crucial cameo appearances in the film. With high expectations riding on it, let’s see if Kabzaa lives up to its hype.

Story: The plot of Kabzaa revolves around Arkeshwara (played by Upendra), who comes from a family of freedom fighters and serves as an Indian Air Force Officer. He falls deeply in love with Madhumathi (played by Shriya Saran), a wealthy woman, and the two plan to get married. However, the city of Amarapura is plagued by a group of ruthless gangsters and power-hungry politicians.

In a surprising turn of events, Arkeshwara finds himself drawn into the criminal underworld and eventually rises to become a powerful kingpin. The story follows how this drastic shift in his life affects him and those around him.

Pros: Kabzaa’s cinematography is truly exceptional, and the film beautifully showcases the bygone era. Upendra’s performance is highly commendable, and his mesmerizing screen presence makes him stand out in his stunning action avatar.

Kiccha Sudeepa and Shiva Rajkumar’s brief but impactful cameos are major highlights. The well-choreographed action sequences add to the film’s appeal, and the interval sequence is decently executed.

Cons: KGF set a new benchmark in Indian cinema with its unique presentation and concept. However, while it’s understandable for films to draw inspiration from trendsetters, Kabzaa seems to have taken it too far. The film appears to be a near-replica of KGF, lacking any authentic factor that could make it stand out. From its story, narrative, and dialogues, Kabzaa bears a striking resemblance to KGF, leaving little room for originality.

Kabzaa lacks originality and feels like a replica of KGF, with even the voiceover and special effects copied. The old story lacks emotions and the emphasis on a larger-than-life film takes away from storytelling. The second half is difficult to sit through, with a boring love track and clumsy editing. A sequel to this movie is announced, but it is unnecessary.

Verdict: Kabzaa, an action-packed period drama, unfortunately, falls short of expectations as it proves to be a monotonous and excessively loud film. Despite the commendable performances by Upendra and impressive cinematography, the movie fails to captivate its audience due to its predictable storyline, unengaging narrative, and lack of emotional depth. Overall, it’s a disappointing watch, and one could easily skip it without missing out on much.