Jyothika’s Ponmagal Vandhal inspires a rape victim

Many argue that films do not affect society. Filmmakers argue that the glorification of crimes in films does not in any way result in an increase in crimes. But some films do inspire people in a positive or negative manner.

Many sing praises of Atreya’s lyrics in the song ‘kala kanidi’ and point out that the song prevented many from committing suicide. A similar thing happened with Jyothika’s Ponmagal vandhaal. According to the latest, a rape victim drew inspiration from the film and lodged a complaint.

A 9-year-old rape survivor in Tamil Nadu exposed her 48-year-old relative to how he sexually exploited her to her family and this forced her family members to file complaints against and the Madras High Court sentenced him to five years imprisonment.

Jyothika sharing the news posted “Shatter that silence! Each time a woman stands up for herself, unknowingly she stands up for all women.”

Ponmagal Vandhal directed by JJ. Fredrick and produced by Suriya discussed how Indian courts dealt with the rape cases and asked children to discuss everything with their parents.

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