Jhansi – Web series Review

Starring: Anjali, Chandini Chowdary, Aadarsh Balakrishna, Raj Arjun, Abeeram Varma, Rameshwari Talluri, and others

Directors: Thiru, Ganesh Kaarthic

Producers: Krishna Kulasekaran, K.S. Madhubala

Music Director : Sricharan Pakala

Actress Anjali who impressed everyone in the role of Sita in ‘Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ couldn’t repeat the same after that. Though she appeared as a heroine in a few movies, she couldn’t hit the top league of star heroines. She opted for web series and her latest web series ‘Jhansi’ is now streaming on Disney+Hotstar. Let’s see what the web series is all about.


Jhansi (Anjali) suffers from amnesia who is living in Keral. After Jhansi saves the life of Sankeeth’s (Aadarsh Balakrishna) daughter Meha from an unexpected accident, he takes Jhansi along with them to Hyderabad and gives her a new life. Eventually, Sankeeth falls in love with Jhansi. All of a sudden, Jhansi gets haunted by dreams of her past. In her dreams, she is attacked and tortured by strangers constantly. Who are they? What is the connection between them and Jhansi? How is Barbie (Chandini Chowdary) related to Jhansi? Can Jhansi succeed in solving the mysteries of her past? This forms the rest of the web series.

Plus Points:

The biggest plus point is the lead character Anjali who once again steals the show with her impeccable performance. She delivers her best as an amnesia patient. Moreover, Anjali performed the action sequences quite effortlessly.

The series starts off quite interestingly. The episodes of Jhansi getting haunted in dreams make us feel intrigued to know what would have happened in Jhani’s past. There are a few moments that excite us.

The childhood flashback episode of Jhansi is good. The basic premise is exciting and makes one involved initially. Despite a short role, Aadarsh Balakrishna does justice to his role and he is quite impressive.

Minus Points:

One of the biggest drawbacks of the show is leaving out many questions unanswered. There are several loose points such as the reason for Barbie’s transformation is left for the sequel and does not end convincingly.

After an interesting beginning, the series never takes off completely. The introduction of several new characters and subplots raises many doubts.

The narration looks amateurish in some portions of the web series. Also, a few logics go missing, and the Police investigation angle isn’t shown fully. The ending should have been more interesting.


On the whole, Jhansi has an interesting premise but it is brought down by too many flaws in the screenplay. Anjali gives her best in all possible ways, but the flaws in narration and screenplay makes it a mediocre watch.