James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way Of Water

Thirteen years. That’s how long Avatar fans have been waiting for James Cameron to come back to Pandora. James Cameron and his team spent years on the sequel Avatar: The Way of Water to once again deliver us to glorious, high-end stereoscopy.

Avatar 2 is the fourth most expensive movie of all time and it is expected to become the highest-grossing movie breaching the previous best- Avatar. Along with many other languages, the Telugu version of Avatar 2 will also be hitting the screens on December 16th.

An interesting update is that Telugu director Srinivas Avasarala also got to work for the magnum opus. He wrote dialogues for the Telugu version of the movie. The writer-director has a typical style in dialogue writing and Avatar 2 is going to be extra special for the Telugu audience with his mark dialogues in it.

We need to wait for another four days to witness the visual grandeur on screen.