Jabardasth : MLA Roja as a host into big controversy?

Sudigali Sudhir, Hyper Aadhi, Shakalaka Shankar are all famous artists due to Jabardasth. Although in both Jabardasth & Extra Jabardasth tons of contestants have performed in skits only a few artists got the fame who are in demand right now. Though the rest of them are good artists but they are not in demand. 


When Mukku Avinash decided to leave Jabardasth to enter the Bigg Boss House, Kevvu Karthik’s team had faced a big problem. Though Kevvu Karthik was made the team leader there were no suitable contestants in the team, that’s when Emmanuel was taken into his team who went on to become another Hyper Aadhi. Both Emmanuel and Kevvu Karthik together are performing outrageously. Emmanuel is currently working in both Kevvu Karthik’s and Venky Monkeys Team.  

However, as per the recently released Extra Jabardasth Promo it is shown that Judge Roja became serious on Emmanuel where he was seen saying “My lips are beautiful and one should be lucky enough to find my lips” to which Judge Roja insulted him stating “I saw your lips in the Zoo”. Not only that but when Emmanuel was praising his own looks it is shown to us that Roja gets up from the seat and walked away.