iSmart Shankar – Will Puri Bounce Back?

It’s been a long time since Puri tasted success. It seems he is not able to grow out of his own movies and all his recent movies were disasters to the core. In this scenario, not any hero is eager to work with him. Besides, many avoided him too. Finally, he managed to get energetic hero Ram Pothineni on board for ‘ismart Shankar’.

The shooting started in January this year and now gearing up for release. Ram Pothineni too had given it a second thought on working with Puri, but after long story discussions he made up his mind to work with Puri and here is the teaser. The teaser makes it clear that the movie is yet another Puri style mass movie. The audience has long grown out of such movies and embracing movies like ‘Jersey’, ‘Chitralahari’.

In this scenario, it is too early to comment if the audience would once again love mass related movies like this. Unless Puri weaves magic onscreen with a gripping screenplay, the movie has a very slim chance to inch towards success. Considering Puri’s career graph let’s see if he can bounce back with this movie.