Is This Mega Hero Dating Ritu Varma?

Varun Tej recently got married to Lavanya Tripathi, his girlfriend for a long time. Lavanya used to attend parties with the Mega family even before they got married.

Before Varun’s wedding, Allu Arjun threw a party for Varun and Lavanya. Ritu Varma, a Tollywood actress, was also at the party, which made people think she might be involved with another Mega family member, Vaisshnav Tej.

But Vaisshnav Tej clarified things in an interview. He said Ritu Varma was just there as Lavanya’s friend, and there’s no romantic relationship between them. He made it clear that they’re just friends.

Right now, Vaisshnav Tej is waiting for his new movie “Adikeshava” to come out. It was supposed to release on November 10, but now it’s coming out on the 24th of this month.