Is Sai Pallavi Celebrating?

Sai Pallavi’s refusal to take on the role of Chiranjeevi’s sister in “Bholaa Shankar,” which was subsequently filled by Keerthy Suresh, stirred up quite a storm. The decision to decline the role garnered criticism directed at Sai Pallavi. However, this turn of events proved to be advantageous for her, given that the movie eventually met with disastrous results.

Interestingly, Sai Pallavi’s choice to reject the role turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the movie’s performance took a nosedive. The aftermath of this, coupled with the controversy surrounding Koratala Siva in light of “Acharya’s” failure, has seemingly contributed to his sense of contentment regarding the lackluster outcome of “Bholaa Shankar.”

Despite its underwhelming theatrical journey, the film managed to secure a lucrative deal for its digital rights, thus making “Bholaa Shankar” a financially secure venture through that avenue.