Is Ram Charan – Nikhil’s Movie Not True?

Ram Charan is collaborating with Nikhil for an upcoming film, which will be released under the newly established V-Mega Pictures banner, initiated by Ram Charan himself. The movie has been titled ‘Veera Savarkar,’ and it holds true to its title. However, Ram Charan, the producer of the film, has clarified that he is not directly involved in its production. Instead, he will be presenting the movie. The production responsibilities lie with Abhishek Pictures, while Vikram from UV Creations will serve as a partner.

It is common for a star’s name to be associated with a film’s production to enhance its reputation and impact. Despite the inclusion of Ram Charan’s name, sources from within the industry confirm that he is not actively involved in the production aspects.

A similar situation occurred with the film ‘Acharya.’ While Ram Charan’s banner name was used, the creative aspects of the movie were primarily handled by Koratala Siva. However, when the film did not perform well at the box office, Ram Charan’s association was downplayed.

Ram Charan’s involvement in these projects is limited to presenting or associating his banner’s name, rather than active participation in the production or creative processes.