Is NTR Quitting The Movies?

Jr NTR, the Global Star, has once again demonstrated his witty and firm nature towards his fans at the pre-release event of Vishwaksen’s Dhamki, which he attended as a Chief Guest. When the fans demanded an update about #NTR30, the RRR star reminded them that he had already warned them about asking for updates at the pre-release event of Kalyan Ram’s Amigos. He further stated that his producers and directors are working hard to provide interesting updates, and the fans need to wait patiently for them.

“If you ask me for an update again, I will say, I’m not doing that film. If you still ask, then I will also stop doing movies” said Jr NTR in a strong tone, sounding like a Pawan Kalyan. He then added, “I can’t stop doing movies which you know. And you will not let me stop doing films for sure. But don’t keep asking for updates. Will start that film soon”.

During the event, NTR also expressed his pride in the achievement of Telugu people and Telugu media in the Oscar journey. He was particularly pleased to see two Indians, Keeravani and Chandrabose, both Telugu folks, on the live stage of the Oscars.