Is Anushka Shetty Taking A Risk?

Anushka Shetty’s lack of interest in doing films might be attributed to her age. Perhaps, with age, the enthusiasm for acting in movies may have waned. However, it’s known that actresses performing in films with powerful roles can bring in significant box office numbers. Filmmakers and producers geared up to work with Anushka are well aware of this aspect.

Anushka is synonymous with yoga and beauty, but that was once upon a time. She faced physical setbacks due to her commitment to the movie “Size Zero.” Since then, Anushka has initiated her physical transformations.

The real issue seems to revolve around an intense movie project involving Anushka. There were rumors that Anushka refused to act in that particular film at the last minute. It demands action sequences and a substantial physical effort, which might not align with Anushka’s current disposition. Hence, reports emerged suggesting her departure from the project.

Recently, Anushka appeared in the movie “Miss Shetty… Poli Shetty,” facing challenging circumstances. However, despite the physical challenges, her screen presence remains unmatched!