Is Anushka Shetty Quitting The Movies?

After a brief hiatus, Anushka Shetty was seen in the movie “Miss Shetty, Mister Polishetty.” This comes as quite a surprise, especially considering Anushka’s recent absence from the movie scene. She had made up her mind to accept this movie. Somehow, the director, production house, and various other elements managed to persuade Anushka to come on board.

However, the movie didn’t turn out as expected. It wasn’t a hit either. Neither Anushka nor Naveen Polishetty who is delivering hits in a row couldn’t help the movie attain a major success.

Now, the real news is that three directors are already lined up for movies with Anushka. Major production houses are keen on getting Anushka on board for these three projects. However, Anushka hasn’t given her nod for these movies.

The reason for this isn’t clear, but it’s evident that while directors and producers are eager for Anushka to do movies, she doesn’t seem too eager to appear in them.