In 25 days, how much profit did Telugu Kantara make?

‘Kantara’ is one of the names that has been trending all over India for almost two months now. The reason for this is that this Kannada movie has registered sensational success in all the languages in which it has been released. More importantly, this movie created a tsunami of collections in Telugu that no one expected. The profit was ten times higher because of this. In this background, take a look at how much the movie ‘Kantara’ earned in 25 days!

Business details in Telugu:

Made in Kannada with a crazy concept, ‘Kantara’, which became a huge success, was thought to be released in southern languages. This has created huge demand in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well. Due to this background, the Telugu rights to this film were sold to Geetha Arts for 2 crores.

How much did you get in 25 days?

‘Kantara’ collected hugely in 25 days. In Nizam, it collected Rs.12.27 crores, in ceeded Rs. 3.04 crores, in Uttarandhra Rs. 3.46 crores, in East Godavari Rs. 2.01 crores, in West Godavari Rs. 1.25 crores, in Guntur Rs. 1.65 crores, in Krishna Rs. 1.61 crores, in Nellore Rs. 93 lakhs. In two states Rs. 26.22 crore share, Rs. 49.40 crore gross collection.

How much profit do you expect? What is the target?

Kantara, an experimental movie with a different storyline, has met expectations in Telugu states. The break-even target for this movie was Rs. 2.30 crores. In 25 days it collected Rs. 26.22 crores. Thus, along with hit status, it made Rs. 23.92 crores in profits.