Huge embarrassment for the legendary producer

Film industry is full of uncertainties. Fortunes fluctuate overnight in the industry and the worst affected are the producers in most cases. Several top producers like KT Kunjuman, AM Ratnam who delivered some of the biggest blockbusters have gone bankrupt later and couldn’t bounce back.

The same story with Tollywood’s leading producer MS Raju who produced many super hits in the 1990s till mid-2000s. After a series of duds like Aaata, Vaana, and Pournami MS Raju has stayed away from production for quite some time.

The veteran producer who was confident of bouncing back with 7 Days 6 Nights featuring his son Sumanth Ashwin has to face another embarrassment. The movie which was released amidst some other small releases turned out to be an outright disaster. Despite some adult content, the audience weren’t interested to watch the movie in theaters. Most of the shows on Saturday are canceled due to lack of footfalls.

The only movie with succeeded to get some collections is Kiran Abbavaram’s Sammathame. Other movies like Gangster Gangarju and Chor Bazaar sank without any trace.