Gopichand Follows The Same Sentiment Again?

Gopichand, who has been struggling for a hit for a long time has teamed up with Sreenu Vaitla for the first time. On the other hand, Sreenu Vaitla too is in a same situation as it’s been long time since he delivered a hit. The movie’s shooting is in progress.

There’s a rumor that Gopichand’s 32nd movie might be named “Viswam.” People are guessing because many of Gopichand’s successful movies end with the letter ‘M.’ Fans are waiting for the filmmakers to confirm this. If it’s true, it could mean another hit for Gopichand, following this title pattern.

Gopi Mohan, who has worked with Sreenu Vaitla before, is writing the story. Chaitan Bharadwaj is handling the music, and Venu Dondepuri is producing the movie at Chitralayam Studios. More updates about this movie are coming soon.