Game Over – Review

Title: Game Over

Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Vinodini Vaidyanathan, Aneesh Kuruvilla etc

Banners: Y NOT Studios, Relliance Entertainment

Direction: Aswin Saravanan

Introduction: Bollywood beauty Taapsee Pannu came up with a horror thriller this time and she seemed quite confident in the promotions about the movie. Let’s have a look.

Story: Swapna (Taapsee Pannu) is a video game developer in Gurgaon and she mostly works from home. She has a troubled past and she battles psychological problems too. On the other hand, there is a serial killer on loose who beheads women and burns their bodies. The film is all about how she dealt with and overcome these problems.

Analysis: Director Aswin Saravanan penned an interesting story and took equal care in executing it. Though in the first half the movie seems dragging but the director keeps on adding complex layers till the end. The second half turns out unexpected twists and turns and really thrills the audience. Taapsee Pannu carried the film on her shoulders and she really did an astounding job. Her acting elevates the film and keeps the audience on the edge. Rest of the cast also did a decent job. Ron Ethan Yohan’s music also helped the film. Cinematography is good too. The film is a real thriller, but the complex screenplay may not please some section of the audience. The movie would be acclaimed by critics and can be appreciated by the audience who would like to watch content driven movies.

Finally: The movie is a true thriller

Rating: 3/5