Former Actress Blasts At Akshay Kumar

Shanti Priya has brought to light a distressing incident involving Akshay Kumar. Renowned for her roles in a handful of films and her prominence as the sister of Bhanu Priya, Shanti Priya ventured into both regional and Bollywood movies, carving a niche for herself. However, she recently disclosed a disheartening experience from her debut Bollywood film, “Saugandh,” released in 1995. In this movie, she shared the screen with Akshay Kumar, who, regrettably, subjected her to body shaming, a traumatic ordeal that plunged her into a period of depression.

Recounting the incident, she shared, “I must have been around 22-23 years old at the time. Yes, it led me into a depression. My mother was a steadfast pillar of strength for us because we had already encountered such challenges within our industry, whether in the South or in Hindi cinema. My sister (Bhanupriya) also endured similar experiences quite frequently. Didi was involved in Hindi films as well. Certain magazines within the Hindi industry would publish articles about Didi, particularly during times when she had pimples. These articles absurdly claimed that her remuneration was determined by the number of pimples on her face. I was taken aback. We encountered significant difficulties due to our appearances. Even now, my sons face similar challenges.”

Shanti Priya further added, “I couldn’t converse with him comfortably. This occurred around my second-to-last day on the set, during the climax scene when filming had concluded.” She revealed, “Although he hasn’t formally apologized, he did approach me and said, ‘I was just joking, don’t take it seriously. I was merely having fun.’ I replied, ‘Sure, okay.’ He did speak with me about it. His conversation wasn’t an earnest apology where he acknowledged if he had hurt me in any way. It wasn’t expressed in that manner. Instead, he mentioned that his comments were made in jest, part of his playful nature. He didn’t convey remorse for touching upon something sensitive, implying he shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

The saga continues with Shanti Priya’s attempt to make a comeback and her interaction with Akshay Kumar on the set of “Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty.” She shared, “During my encounter with him on the set of ‘Holiday,’ he was unchanged. I informed him of my intention to return to acting and he inquired about my well-being and my children’s status. We engaged in a pleasant conversation during his lunch break, spanning about half an hour. He introduced me to Sonakshi and proudly declared that I was his first leading lady. I conveyed my plans to make a comeback and asked him to inform me if any favorable opportunities arose.”

However, her expectations were dashed when Akshay responded candidly, remarking that she couldn’t play a leading lady anymore. Shocked by his response, she countered with, “If you can still portray a hero, why can’t I embody a heroine?” Despite her determination, her hopes were soon crushed. Shanti Priya shared, “I learned not to hold onto hope. I want to be transparent about this. Subsequent to that incident, I received a call from Akshay’s secretary for ‘Airlift.’ I promptly emailed my pictures and attempted to contact them, yet received no response. The pattern continued—calls without answers, messages without responses. The truth became evident. I messaged Akshay directly, but he didn’t reply. The messages were seen, yet no response followed; seen, yet no reply. It was an agonizing experience. My mother holds a soft spot for him. I pondered whether to call him once more, but my mother advised me to stop. “This poignant narrative unveils a series of events that have shaped Shanti Priya’s interactions with Akshay Kumar, highlighting both the empathy and disregard she has encountered in her journey.