Fans start Chiranjeevi’s Birthday Celebrations

Fans start Chiranjeevi's birthday celebrations

Mega Star Chiranjeevi is having a humungous fan following from all over the country. Chiranjeevi’s birthday comes on the 2nd of August and every year his fans celebrate it in a grand manner, but looking at the current situation of pandemics the grand celebration seems difficult.

In between this, Chiranjeevi’s birthday celebration is started by his fans a month in advance. Mega fans started releasing birthday posters of him and also Ravanam Swamy Naidu, the President of All India Chiranjeevi Youth Association has urged everyone to come and plant saplings starting from  Aug 9th to Aug 22nd in order to preserve and protect the environment and maintain greenery. He asked his fans to plant as many saplings as they can and make their Mega Star feel proud and happy on his birthday.

He also thanked Chiranjeevi for his active steps taken in times of pandemic. Chiranjeevi is presently engaged in projects like Acharya, Lucifer remake, Vedhalam remake and also working out on the fuss that is created in the MAA elections.

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