Fans Request To Chiranjeevi

After his brief foray into politics, Megastar Chiranjeevi has been dedicated to delighting audiences with roles that resonate with the masses. While movies like Khaidi No 150, SyeRaa, and Waltair Veerayya brought immense satisfaction to his fans, other ventures such as Acharya and God Father failed to meet expectations.

Chiranjeevi’s most recent release, Bholaa Shankar, appears poised to join the ranks of forgettable films in his career, struggling to make a positive impact on various fronts. The critical reviews have
been disheartening, and the film’s reception among moviegoers is equally lackluster. This situation raises a perplexing question: why did Chiru opt to remake Vedalam, a film released eight years ago in Tamil?

During the pre-release event, Chiranjeevi made an attempt to justify his decision to remake films like Vedalam, asserting that remaking good movies isn’t inherently wrong. However, this explanation didn’t fully satisfy his ardent fanbase. Despite Chiru’s apparent confidence in the outcome, the film’s reception fell short of expectations.

The disappointment among fans isn’t solely centered on the film’s outcome; it also stems from Chiru’s persistent inclination towards remakes. Many fans have taken to social media platforms to express their dissatisfaction, urging Chiranjeevi to cease his reliance on remakes. A significant portion of his admirers believes it’s time for him to veer away from this trend and return with original, full-fledged commercial blockbusters akin to Vikram and Jailer.

The burning question remains whether Chiranjeevi will heed his fans’ pleas or not. Speculation surrounds his next project, speculated to be a remake of the Malayalam film Bro Daddy. However, official confirmation regarding this matter is still pending.