Failure Of That Movie Affected Him Badly, Says Mohan Babu

Mohan Babu, the senior actor, producer, and politician, celebrated his birthday two days ago, and he has recently opened up about the failure of movies from his family members. Mohan Babu, who has produced several blockbusters under Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures, has been candid about the fact that he is not able to produce the same super hits with his son’s movies.

In a recent interview, Mohan Babu spoke specifically about the movie ‘Son of India’, which was an experimental film, and Vishnu’s latest release ‘Ginna’, which was a commercial entertainer. Mohan Babu noted that ‘Ginna’ was one of the best movies in Vishnu’s career and expressed his disappointment that the film’s result had affected him badly.

Mohan Babu has been a fixture in the Indian film industry for several decades and has made a significant contribution to the world of cinema. He has produced many films that have become classics and have acted in numerous memorable roles. His commitment to his craft and his family is a testament to his professionalism and dedication.

As per the reports, Mohan Babu will be featured in the remake of Android Kattappa and the movie will hit the floors soon. It remains to be seen how would the audience accept the movie as the dubbed version is already available on the AHA platform.