Exclusive: These contestants are nominated this week!

Bigg Boss Season 4 has been full of surprises. In the eighth week, Bigg Boss lifted the elimination altogether as Noel requested that there be no elimination. That is too far-fetched. Noel said the elimination would have been cancelled if a few crores of people had worked hard and cast their votes.  

Anchor Suma was called as a special guest for the Sunday episode, but forget not to mention the drama called wild card entry. She grabbed a suit case to match it. Suma coming into the Bigg Boss show as contestant is a big joke. A Wild card entry that is more popular than the Show itself will make anyone laugh. The fact of the matter is that Suma was called to send off Amma Rajasekhar from the show. 

Contestants Like Abhijeet are getting popular as pages named Abhijeet Army start to trend on Social Media. It is also seen that Ariana is grabbing attention from the Netizens with her performances during the tasks who we also see as a potential Top 5 contestant. Bigg Boss Leaks says Monal, Ariana, Mehaboob, Abhijeet, Sohel and Harika will be nominated in today’s episode. Who do you think will be evicted from the show this week? Let’s wait and watch.