Enemies became Friends?

A few months ago, Tollywood MAA elections created a huge stir and the elections were no less than the Assembly elections. The two panels led by Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu were seen blaming each other and making insensitive comments on each other.

While Manchu Vishnu declared Prakash Raj is an unfit candidate for in MAA Association which is for the Telugu artists and Prakash Raj countered saying he can speak Telugu better than him. After a series of debates and word of wars, Manchu Vishnu has won the election and is now the MAA President.

After a gap, both Prakash Raj, Manchu Vishnu along with Pawan Kalyan with whom neither Prakash Raj nor Manchu Vishnu are in good terms met and had deep discussions. The three were invited for the movie opening of VIshwak Sen’s next which will be directed by actor Arjun. All three were seen chit chatting happily shedding their differences and egoes.