Digital War: Parties Massive Spending For Voter Influence

With the Assembly polls a mere 10 days away in Telangana, political parties are vigorously engaging in influencing voters. Candidates who’ve filed nominations are tirelessly campaigning across their constituencies and neighboring areas through public meetings and roadshows.

Simultaneously, party leadership has intensified efforts, heavily investing in audiovisual media advertising. Leveraging the widespread use of mobile phones, these parties released videos targeting their rivals’ shortcomings. Over the past week, substantial amounts were poured into getting these videos circulated online.

Notably, BRS spent the most with Rs 24,509,000, followed by Congress at Rs 18,854,000, while the BJP spent significantly less at Rs 7,84,500. This raised questions about the BJP’s relatively low spending despite its ambition to establish a foothold in Telangana.

Congress’ ad campaign, ” #Marpu Kavali – Congress Raavali,” presented compelling visuals and arguments showcasing the ruling BRS’s unfulfilled promises and emphasized the six guarantees Congress pledged to Telangana’s people. The impact of these videos on voters’ awareness and their subsequent actions at the polls remains to be seen. Whether these videos successfully informed voters and influenced their choices during the voting process will be evident during the election.