Did Nithin Had Crush On That Heroine?

Nithin made a sensational debut with the super hit movie Jayam followed by two more blockbusters Dil and Sye. He had a great following among the youth along with Uday Kiran, and Tarun during the early 2000s. But, the actor couldn’t deliver a hit after Sye for close to a decade and went on to deliver a series of duds.

After three back-to-back hits, Nithin tried to prove himself as a mass hero and accepted every movie which had mass elements. He paired up with the leading heroines of that time like Kajal, Mamata Mohan Das, Ileana, and Hansika but none could bring him any luck.

There was a rumor that Nithin had a huge crush on actress Ileana who was the leading heroine in Tollywood in the mid-2000s. Nithin and Ileana worked together with Rechipoo which ended up as a disaster. Though Nithin didn’t like the script, it’s buzzed that he accepted the movie only to romance with Ileana and Ileana accepted the movie just because of hefty remuneration.

Though Nithin had feelings on Ileana, he couldn’t express his love towards her as Ileana was already in love with a Tollywood Hero at that time.