Starring: Sunil, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Shakalaka Shankar, and Chatrapathi Sekhar

Director: Saleem Malik

Anasuya Bharadwaj, the popular TV anchor has shifted her focus completely to movies and has been bagging good roles. After her impressive performance as ‘Rangammatha’ in Rangasthalam, Anasuya impressed once again in Pushpa in which she played a role with negative shades. Now, the actress has come up with Darjaa in which she played the lead role as a lady don. Let’s see what the movie is all about.


Kanaka Mahalaxmi (Anasuya) is a powerful lady in Bandhar town. She has the backing of local police and acts a tyrant in the town and nearby places. Everyone is scared of her and she does her illegal business without any worry.

In the meanwhile, a guy named Ganesh (Arun Varma) commits suicide after he was duped by his girlfriend Pushpa (Sirisha). To avenge his brother’s death Ranga (Shammu) vows to kill Pushpa. ACP Shiva Shankar (Sunil) enters to investigate Ranga’s death. What are the shocking facts Shiva Shankar came to know in the investigation and why did he lock horns with Kanaka Mahalaxmi and will he win over her is the rest of the story.


Anasuya who excelled in all her roles previously has once again proved her mettle as an actress in the movie. She suited the role perfectly as the lady don. Though the movie starts on a dull note, the movie’s screenplay gets engaged after the entry of Sunil.  Lack of noted artists in the movie is a big minus.


On the whole, Darjaa is a disappointing movie despite strong performances from Sunil and Anasuya. Good promotions would have a bit of good to draw the audience to the theaters.