Counterattack To RGV’s ‘Vyuham’

Renowned director Ram Gopal Varma is currently working on a film titled ‘Vyuham’. Recently, a poster for this movie was unveiled, indicating that the story will revolve around Jagan’s strategic moves during the last elections. Varma has generated considerable buzz by releasing posters featuring the lead actors in the film.

To further add to the intrigue, Jagan and his wife Bharti unveiled a poster featuring characters resembling themselves. Interestingly, there is speculation about another film being developed as a counter-attack to Varma’s project. This potential film is tentatively titled ‘Vyamoham’, but details regarding its production team and cast remain unknown.

It is worth noting that Varma’s previous film, ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’, also made headlines for its confrontational stance towards another film. As the situation unfolds, movie enthusiasts eagerly await further updates on these intriguing developments.