Congress Vs BRS: The Impact Of The ‘6 Guarantees’

The Congress party has experienced a notable upswing in its popularity ever since former AICC chief Sonia Gandhi unveiled the ‘6 guarantees’ at the Tukkuguda public gathering in Hyderabad. This announcement has proven to be a game-changer for the party, as Telangana Intentions, an organization that regularly gauges public sentiment, has reported an increasingly positive response from the public in its latest survey, primarily attributing this shift to the ‘6 guarantees’ scheme.

The data reveals that the Congress party’s popularity has surged by 2.8% following the introduction of the guarantee scheme. Furthermore, throughout the last 45 days, the party has been effective in eliciting favourable emotions from the people for variety of additional reasons. Only 10 days ago, the party’s approval rating was 30.3%, but it has since grown to 33.1%, indicating a definite upward trend. Notably, there is broad assumption that all aspects of the guarantee plan will directly benefit the public.

Furthermore, more than 46% of the populace believes that the 6-guarantee scheme will significantly impact the upcoming Assembly elections. Simultaneously, the BRS party’s popularity is also on the rise, narrowing the gap between the two parties. While 37% of the population is confident in the Congress’s prospects of coming to power, 38% are cautiously optimistic, acknowledging that while the schemes sound promising, their successful implementation may pose challenges.

However, internal strife among party leaders has cast doubts on the party’s overall commitment to its prospects. Infighting and a focus on personal image, rather than strengthening the Congress, have been observed among party leaders, contributing to a decline in the party’s popularity among the public. This internal discord presents a challenge that the Congress party must address to maintain its current positive trajectory.