Chiranjeevi’s Legacy: Can Pawan Kalyan Replicate It In Tirupati?

Pawan Kalyan, the chief of Janasena Party, is reportedly gearing up to contest from the Tirupati assembly constituency, according to sources within the party. During a two-day meeting in the joint Chittoor district, Party General Secretary Nagababu met with leaders from various constituencies to assess the party’s situation.

Leaders from Tirupati constituency expressed confidence that Pawan Kalyan would secure victory if he ran there. They cited the significant Balija vote bank in the constituency as a key factor, drawing parallels with Chiranjeevi’s past success when he contested from Tirupati.

Balija group votes played a pivotal role in Chiranjeevi’s victory at the time, and with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) as an ally, the leaders believe Pawan’s victory is virtually assured. Nagababu reportedly responded positively to these arguments and promised to convey the sentiments of the Tirupati leaders to Pawan.

However, it remains uncertain whether Pawan Kalyan can replicate Chiranjeevi’s success, as Chiranjeevi won with a margin of approximately 8,000 votes in his time. The upcoming elections will ultimately determine whether Pawan Kalyan decides to contest from Tirupati and if he can secure a victory in this high stakes constituency.