Chiranjeevi’s initiative for MAA building

Chiranjeevi's initiative for MAA building

The Movie Artistes Association (MAA) elections have been in news these days for the controversies it is generating. There have been many MAA presidents in the past who have promised to make their own building but decades have passed and nothing executed.

This behavior has raised questions on the sincerity of the Tollywood industry towards MAA. Recently MAA was also in the radar for misuse of funds. Amid this, it is coming out that Chiranjeevi is taking initiatives and pushing the dream of MAA having its own building. It is also coming out that irrespective of who wins the election Chiranjeevi is taking the responsibility for this and will soon be meeting Telangana CM KCR to discuss the issues.

Chiranjeevi will be requesting the government to allocate a place for the building and once that is done, he will start the groundwork for construction and may make a committee for speedy work. Mohan Babu had already decided to contribute 25% and hence 75% will be borne by Chiranjeevi.

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