Chiranjeevi’s date with Kapil Dev becomes the talking point

Snaps of Mega Star Chiranjeevi with Cricket Legend Kapil Dev along with Chiranjeevi’s wife Surekha are presently becoming famous online via social-based media.

Fans are astonished and very pleased to see Chiranjeevi sharing the snaps with Kapil Dev posting ‘Wonderful meeting my old friend Kapil Dev after a long time. The exquisite FalaknumaPalace setting made it even more special. Traveled back in time at multiple levels and Fondly recalled old memories. He is very much the Haryana Hurricane who won us our First World Cup’

Many asked why Chiranjeevi met Kapil Dev. As per sources both Kapil and Chiranjeevi share great relation however their bond never came in public. A lot of fans speculated that they might have got together for a special event and others thought they must be planning something huge. Now only Chiranjeevi or Kapil Dev can clear all the theories. Chiranjeevi is right now occupied with various movies like Acharya, Godfather, Bhola Shankar and a movie with Bobby.