Chiranjeevi Trying To Stay Away From Controversies

Megastar Chiranjeevi is currently abroad, and despite his absence, his name continues to be prominent in the realms of both film and politics. However, Chiranjeevi remains focused on his work, paying little attention to the ongoing discussions. Although he was expected to attend the centenary celebration of NTR, he was unable to do so due to his overseas commitments.

There are murmurs suggesting that there may have been some oversight in extending the invitation to him, but Chiranjeevi made efforts to keep this matter discreet. By sending Charan as his representative, it helped alleviate any perceived absence. Nevertheless, a certain group persists in criticizing Chiranjeevi. Regardless, he continues to quietly pursue his endeavors, choosing not to engage in any form of controversy or invite unnecessary criticism.

According to those closest to him, Chiranjeevi remains composed amidst the current situation, aiming to avoid any potential disputes or controversies.