Changure Bangaru Raja Movie Review

Starring: Karthik Ratnam, Satya, Ravi Babu, Goldie Nissy, Nitya Sri, Ester Noronha, and others

Director: Satish Varma

Producer: Ravi Teja

Music Director: Krishna Saurabh

Actor Ravi Teja’s latest production, “Changure Bangaru Raja,” starring Karthik Ratnam, has made its way to the silver screen. Dive into our review to discover how the film performs.


Bangarraju (Karthik Ratnam) is a motorcycle mechanic in Duggada, Narsipatnam, a town obsessed with colorful stones. One fateful day, after a dispute with Somu Naidu (Raj Tirandasu), things take a dark turn when Somu Naidu is found dead. Bangarraju gets arrested but manages to escape. He embarks on a quest to uncover the real murderer. Who is the prime suspect? How are Tatarao (Satya) and Gateelu (Ravi Babu) linked to the story? What unfolds next? Watch the movie for the answers.

Plus Points:

Director Satish Varma chooses an intriguing premise.

Karthik Ratnam delivers an exceptional performance, capturing attention with flawless dialogue delivery.

Satya’s portrayal as Karthik Ratnam’s sidekick earns applause, inducing genuine laughter with his expressions and dialogue delivery.

Ravi Babu’s entry in the second half injects entertainment, and the supporting cast delivers commendable performances.

Minus Points:

While the story holds promise, its narration falls short. Crime comedy films often raise expectations, but in this case, the director struggles to find the right balance.

Satish Varma’s writing displays finesse, but the execution lacks a gripping screenplay, a crucial element for this genre.

The innovative narrative approach loses its impact when the film’s pacing lags in both halves.

Characters played by Goldie Nissy, Nitya Sri, and Ajay could have been more intricately developed to deepen the film’s narrative.

Satya’s comedic potential could have been fully harnessed to amplify the film’s entertainment quotient.

The film’s sole song fails to leave a lasting impression.


On the whole, “Changure Bangaru Raja” falls short as a crime comedy drama. While Karthik Ratnam’s performance and the comedic timing of Satya and Ravi Babu stand out, the film is hindered by its sluggish narration and unnecessary scenes. If you can overlook these drawbacks, consider watching the film, but set your expectations on the lower side.