Bollywood Star Hero Suffers from a Rare Disease

Of late, movie celebrities are shocking fans by revealing their health conditions. A few years back actors Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor revealed that they are suffering from some rare diseases. Most recently actress Samantha revealed that she’s been suffering from a rare disease Myosotis and is still under treatment.

Now, the Bollywood star hero Varun Dhawan too shocked his fans by revealing a disease he’s suffering from. He shared that he is suffering from vestibular hypofunction. This affects the body balance of a person. Sharing his ideal Varun Dhawan recalled “Recently, I just shut down. I didn’t know what had happened to me. I had this thing called vestibular hypofunction, basically, your balance goes off,”

His post triggered a flurry of posts from his fans and Varun Dhawan reacted, “To everyone who has been concerned I would like to share I am doing much better with the help of yoga, swimming, physio, and a change in lifestyle,” Vestibular hypofunction is a disease in which person’s balance is affected. This happens when the inner part of the ear which is also a part of your balance system does not work properly. The vestibular system (in your inner ear) of the person suffering from this condition does not respond properly and sends an error message to the brain. As a result, the patient experiences dizziness.