Bittiri Sathi’s ego causing him big problems

Bittiri Sathi is a star comedian who has put the map of Telangana on a world map thanks to his local comedy and language. There not many who do not know Sathi who is famous for his shows on V6.

But after a spat with V6, he came out and joined TV9. But there too he had issues and he was made to quit. Seeing this, many say that Bittiri Sathi’s ego issues are causing him all the problems.

The talk in the media is that Sathi has started thinking that he is bigger than the channel and wants to run the show in his very own way which sometimes does not go with the channel heads. He has joined Sakshi now and we need to see, Sathi, who is a big support of TRS will push shows of Jagan or not in the days to come.

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