Bigg Boss 4: What did Monal gift Akhil on his Birthday?

Bigg Boss converted the undisciplined house into a commando institute. It’s not a task, it’s a punishment for the contestants. During the task the contestants put aside their quarrels and they spoke again as usual. The Big Boss house became the Commando Institute. Uniformed housemates should do some drills in this task. Akhil served as captain for the cadets. For the trumpet sound contestants have to March, for the gunshots they should hide and etc. Apart from these When the buzzer rings the person who hits it first gets to take a up a challenge, if they finish it, they would earn a star for themselves. 

At the beginning of the task, As and when Bigg Boss instructed the contestants enjoyed doing the tasks. But they were tired of doing the same tasks over and over again. Sohel, Akhil, Abhijeet and Harika hit the buzzer and took up the challenge. Where except Sohel everyone else was able to complete the challenges successfully. 

Later in the night, Akhil’s birthday was celebrated at the house. The cake that came in had ‘Akhil No.1’ written on it, he cut the cake and ate a piece himself poking fun at the suspense of who would he feed first. Later in the garden area it was seen that Monal wished Akhil by Kissing him. To which Akhil blushed and said wish it could be my birthday every day. Looks like there is another romance brewing in the house. It remains to see if this would continue even after the show.