Bigg Boss 4: This contestant is eliminated!

Bigg Boss Show is not just about playing tasks. It is about testing a person on How do they change when provoked, how do they behave when they get angry or What kind of paths does one will choose if they have to deceive others in order to win? 

That is why Mehboob, who was jutted by only his body and not his brain will be eliminated this week. Like Divi was eliminated on Dussera, Mehaboob will be eliminated on Diwali. As per Bigg Boss leaks this news is going viral, where Netizens are happy that he is being eliminated from the show as they wanted this to happen for a while now. 

Leaks also came to this extent that based on Mehaboob’s performance during the Robot Task during the third week he was supposed to get eliminated but at the last moment Devi Nagavalli was evicted from the show. Shoel was able to save him then, but looks like this time no one will be able to save him. It remains to see how true it is as per the leaks that Mehaboob will be eliminated on Sunday’s episode.