Bigg Boss 4: Sohel the Arjun Reddy of the House!

The nominations will be more interesting than the Elimination on the Bigg Boss show. However, even though the nomination list is sometimes leaked in advance, the audience eagerly waits to see the fight between them. Bigg Boss also tries to add fuel to the fire. The same happened during the nominations in yesterday’s episode. Bigg Boss ordered to nominate those who they feel have given worst performance during the show. With this, the members of the house are nominating each other by throwing arrows with sharp words. 

Ariana nominated lasya and the vice versa. Abhijit, on the other hand, nominated Sohail saying that he would not change his behaviour and does not stop using foul mouth. Sohel was often criticised for his frequent spells of anger and even Nagarjuna the host of the show advised him to control anger.  Sohel is keeping all his efforts to control his anger but sometimes, he couldn’t. This is becoming a big problem for him. 

Sohel Nominated Harika referring to what she has told about him during the fun activity “Chichubuddi – Atom Bomb” on the weekend episode. Both of them involved have involved in a heated argument, and Sohel lost his temper and commented on Harika’s height which didn’t go well with a few sections of the audience. In the Sohail-Abhi conflict, the majority of the people are supporting Sohail. Questioning how he could change his accent. Sohail, Ariana, Lasya, Abhijit, Harika and Monal are among the nominees for this week. It remains to see what Nagarjuna has to say about this feud during the weekend episode.