Bigg Boss 4: Mehaboob Dilse to date Dethadi Harika?

The contestants who get eliminated from the show are interviewed by different channels back-to-back for at least ten days. Due to the fact that there are paid interviews some people are interested as it is a form of income. Mehaboob who was evicted from the show last Sunday did not appear in many interviews. Looks like he is still in a shock which is why he appeared a little late. Mehboob made interesting remarks in a recent interview with a media outlet. 

He has said positive things about all the contestants. He also told that he had crush on the girls of the house. It is clear from his words that he has not had a partner for so many days. When questioned who would he Marry, Date and Kill he answered that he would want to get married to Divi, go on a date with Harika and kill Aariana. 

He said Abhijeet acted like an elder brother to him in the house and that he stood for him and motivated him when he was in the house. Mehboob described Abhijeet as a very good fighter who did not play well in the tasks due as he had some problems with his hand. He also said Sohel deserves it all and he is confident that Sohel will be list of top 3 contestants. Mehboob was emotional once again, saying it would have been nice to have another two or three weeks. Abhijeet, Harika, Monal, Lasya, Ariyana and Sohel are the contestants who are nominated for this week. We will have to wait until the weekend to see who get evicted from the house this week.