Bigg Boss 4: ” It’s all Drama ” Abhijeeth fans trolling Akhil!

Bigg Boss Telugu is being hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna and the makers are trying a good deal of techniques to get very good TRP rankings. During the weekend episode host Nagarjuna told the contestants that they failed to understand the task where they had to name a strongest contestant who can hamper their chances of winning the trophy. He advised them to understand the tasks properly and play accordingly.  

Nagarjuna questioned Akhil why he came out of the BB house without defending himself. Akhil gave his version but Nagarjuna ordered him to pack his bags and come out. Akhil emotionally pleaded Nagarjuna to let him stay back but he was pushed into the BB house to bid Goodbye to the housemates.  

Akhil named Sohel and Monal as his friends and grilled Abhijeet, Harika, Lasya and Mehaboob as his negative targets giving his reasons. While the way he grilled Abhijeet stating “Edo kindha padipoindi (Something that belongs to you has fallen down” While Abhijeet was checking what has fallen down Akhil said ‘Ni Soch (Your Brains)’ has irked his fans. The fuss the fans make on social media is worse than the fuss the contestants make at Bigg Boss House. This season, however, most of the armies formed under Abhijit’s name seem to be occupying social media in unison. But whether Abhi makes a mistake, does work or not, whether or not he performs during the tasks they are blindly supporting him. Abhijeet enthusiasts are deeply hurt and disappointed with Akhil steps and they are trolling him badly on social media.