Bigg Boss 4: Akhil’s mom told this to Abhijeet!

According to Bigg Boss’ instructions, Bigg Boss put the housemates in power save mode and drove their parents’ inside the home. First Akhil’s mother came to Bigg Boss House. While all the members of the house were in freeze mode, Akhil cried loudly as his mother entered in the Bigg Boss house. 

Akhil’s mother Durga advised him not to cry and keep smiling until he reaches his target. Speaking to Monal, his mother Durga asked Akhil to support her best friend. She was happy seeing her son on his birthday. Mentioning the conflict with Abhijeet indirectly she said it shall be like this when someone stays together in the same house for long time and advised Akhil to stop getting angry and keep smiling. 

Akhil’s mother told Abhijeet to take care of his younger brother (Akhil). Abhijeet apologised to her by saying sorry and clarified that they always have clashed only with regards to tasks and that there’s no personal issue amongst them. Akhil’s mom Durga also to the rest of the people in the house. She hopes that her son will be in the list the Top 5 contestants. She also said to Akhil ‘I got a great opportunity to come to Bigg Boss House because of you’. Akhil’s mother Durga walks out of the Bigg Boss house laughing. But after she left, Akhil-Abhijit hugged and talked. Fans were overjoyed to see both of them like this. The war between Akhil vs Abhijit fans on social media has calmed them down with this scene.