Big Blow For Adipurush

In just two days, the movie “Adipurush” has already grossed 200 crores in revenue! The publicity surrounding it is quite remarkable. But is it really worth the hype? Well, if we consider the reviews coming in about the film, it becomes quite comical. Offering free tickets in large numbers and talking about the collections in a humorous way seems to be the topic of discussion.

Now, some Telugu filmmakers have also shown interest in making a movie based on the epic “Ramayana.” However, no one would dare to touch the Ramayana for atleast next few years as director Om Raut has insulted the epic in the name of creativity and there’s a scare that the audience would set the theatres ablaze if the same thing happens again.

Creativity seems to have no boundaries here. With limitless potential, Rajamouli and some other directors have an immense love for “Ramayana.” However, that enthusiasm has diminished over time.

This is the current talk in the cinema industry. Whether Prabhas has made a sensible decision or not, one thing is for sure: there has been a significant impact, and it has damaged his image.