Besides Entertainment, ‘Sound Party’ Has A Hilarious Surprise: VJ Sunny

Full Moon Media Productions’ Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, and Sri Shyam Gajendra have bankrolled ‘Sound Party’. Which stars Bigg Boss Telugu 5 title winner VJ Sunny and Sivannarayana in super hilarious roles in the movie. The film will hit the screens on November 24.

In this interview, Sunny says that ‘Sound Party’ is the best project to have happened to him in recent years. He suggests that the film will engage the family audience. Directed by Sanjay Sheri and presented by V Jayashankar, the entertainer has Sivannarayana, Saptagiri, Prudhviraj in important roles.

Here is what Sunny said about the November 24th release:

‘Sound Party’ is an excellent example of dedicated team work. We are 100% confident about its success. To speak in political lingo, our movie enjoys the support of all parties. After my Bigg Boss stint, this is the best thing to have happened to me. Post-production, music… every single element has turned out to be great.

I play a son and Sivannarayana garu plays my father in the movie. The father-son duo’s friendly bonding is a highlight. How they unitedly rise against all odds makes for an interesting watch. This is a cent percent comedy entertainer that doesn’t hurt anybody. The Censor Board members told us they enjoyed it thoroughly.

Bitcoin is like a character in the movie. Not many know what virtual currency is. We have drawn from that concept to generate entertainment. The climax is about whether my father and I strike rich. Middle-class families have certain limitations. What they can and can’t do has been shown in ‘Sound Party’. That way, the family audience will connect with the theme.

My character has a secret girlfriend in the movie. We all know someone who is a dimwit and yet manages to have a beautiful girlfriend (laughs). The father-son duo in this film think that they are too smart but the fact is that they are ignoramuses.

There is a surprise element that is hilarious in nature. Nobody expects such an element in the movie. I am waiting to know how the audience are going to receive it.

Vennela Kishore anna lent his voice. He knew the story and gave his full support. Many in the industry have supported us whole-heartedly. Hrithika Srinivas, the female lead, is talented and dedicated. I didn’t know until recently that she is Aamani garu’s niece. After this movie, Sivannarayana garu will garner even more limelight. He is an under-explored talent. The ‘Amrutham’ actor is in for a new cinematic innings.

The story has been written by Sanjay Sheri. V Jayashankar asked him to direct the film himself. He enabled the union between the director and the producers.

Comedy is very hard. ‘ATM’ (web series) was easier in comparison. I had to do dramatic acting in ‘ATM’. In ‘Sound Party’, I have done comedy. The success of comedy acting depends entirely on whether the audience enjoy it!

Producers Ravi anna and Mahendra garu were intent on making something entertaining. Their motto has been to produce nice content with fresh talents in the future.

We are planning a premiere for the media on Thursday. I am waiting to listen to the media’s feedback.

I was a reporter in the media (was in-charge of Page 3 at a media house) before I entered the entertainment industry. I come with no background. When I had the opportunity to cover an event of Shah Rukh Khan, I told him I have this wish to be in front of the camera. TV serial and cinema acting are different ball games, given the editing projections are different.

Cast: VJ Sunny, Hrithika Srinivas, Sivannarayana, Ali, Saptagiri, ’30 Years’ Prudhviraj, ‘Mirchi’ Priya, Manik Reddy, Ashok Kumar, Kadambari Kiran, ‘Gemini’ Suresh, Bhuvan Saluri, ‘I Dream’ Anjali, Vasu Inturi, Chalaki Chanti, Prem Sagar, RJ Hemanth, Shashank Mouli, Trinadh, Krishna Teja and others.


Director of Photography: Srinivas Reddy; Editor: G Avinash; Music Director: Mohit Rahmaniac; Lyricist: Poornachari; Production Designer: Rajeev Nair; Co-Writers: Patel Nandurka, Sundar Palutla; PRO: GK Media; Chief Co-Director: Chinna; Co-Director: B Santosh Krishna; Associate Directors: Yashwanth Valaboju, Krishna Chaitanya T; Assistant Directors: /Yash, Dilip Kumar Raju, Yuvan Phanindra S: Line Producer: Sivakanth Vanga; Executive Producer: Bhuvan Saluru; Producers: Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, Sri Shyam Gajendra; Presented by: V Jayashankar; Written and Directed by Sanjay Sheri.