Bandla Ganesh Blasts at Trivikram Again

The feud between Bandla Ganesh and Trivikram seems to be never-ending, as the former has once again taken a direct dig at the acclaimed director. Referring to Trivikram as ‘Dollar Seshadri,’ the controversial Tirumala priest, who was embroiled in a case of alleged misappropriation of gold coins from TTD, Ganesh seems to have hit a new low.

This comes after a fan on Twitter suggested that Ganesh should support Pawan Kalyan in his time of need during the upcoming elections. However, Ganesh responded with a remark about Dollar Seshadri being by Trivikram’s side, questioning his association with someone embroiled in controversy.

Last year, the actor-turned-producer had accused Trivikram of conspiring with YCP and not inviting him to the Bheemla Naayak event, as he feared being overshadowed. Ganesh had even claimed to have prepared a speech for the occasion but was waiting for the invite. The ongoing feud between the two seems to have reached a new low with Ganesh’s latest jibe.