‘Bahishkarana’: A Tale Of Love, Anjali To Premiere On ZEE5 On July 19th 2024

ZEE5, India’s largest home-grown video streaming platform announced the launch of its upcoming original Telugu series, ‘Bahishkarana,’ on July 19 today. This compelling drama, directed by Mukesh Prajapathi and produced by Prashanti Malisetti of Pixel Pictures Pvt Ltd, features a stellar cast including Anjali, Ravindra Vijay, Ananya Nagalla, Shritej, Shanmukh, Mahboob Basha, and Chaitanya Sagiraju. ‘Bahishkarana’ is a tale of transformation and destiny, following a courtesan’s profound journey to discover true happiness. As she faces unexpected responsibilities that challenge her to redefine her sense of self, she keeps her secrets close and finds strength within. This story of self-discovery, resilience, and finding true peace unfolds against the backdrop of 1990s rural Guntur. In 1990s Peddapalli, a seemingly ordinary day takes a dark turn when Darshi, a local man, doesn’t return from a simple errand. This event unveils relationships involving Pushpa, a courtesan with a mysterious past, and Lakshmi, Darshi’s dutiful wife. As layers of secrets peel away, we discover a history of forbidden love, betrayal, and shocking twists of fate. The village sarpanch, Shivaya, becomes the pivotal figure in this intricate drama, his actions setting off a chain of events that will change lives forever. Just when Pushpa and Lakshmi think they’ve endured the worst, they’re confronted with a truth so staggering, it forces them to question everything they’ve ever known. But in a world where women’s choices are limited, can they find the strength to defy societal norms and forge their own destinies? Watch ‘Bahishkarana’ to know more!

Prashanti Malisetti of Pixel Pictures Pvt Ltd mentioned, “Collaborating with Zee on Bahishkarana has been an extraordinary journey, embodying the belief that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ This partnership has given us the opportunity and empowered us to tell local rooted stories with global relevance. Anjali’s performance in Bahishkarana is like no other role she has done before, and we had so much fun working on this project with our fabulous cast and crew. Mukesh Prajapathi, our director, is a passionate storyteller who has crafted this narrative with exceptional nuance and depth. At Pixel Pictures, we believe that ‘content is king, but context is God,’ and with ‘Bahishkarana,’ we’ve strived to create a story that entertains and reflects the realities of our society. We’re confident that this series will resonate with viewers across India, reinforcing the growing appeal of regional content on national platforms like ZEE5. As we continue to push the boundaries of storytelling, we look forward to more such collaborations that bring compelling movies and shows to discerning audiences.”

Director Mukesh Prajapathi said, “Bahishkarana” is a deeply rooted story with a powerful narrative and complex characters. The protagonist, Pushpa, is somebody who has nothing to lose and has accepted that life can be unfair, but then you never mess with a person who is as calm as a sea and as devastating as it becomes! Pushpa has many layers, and her story is a testament to resilience, even in the face of challenges, and highlights her ability to overcome difficulties and seek revenge. Anjali has brought Pushpa to life with an extraordinary performance, portraying toughness with emotional depth that promises to captivate audiences. I am thrilled about collaborating with ZEE5 and Pixel Pictures to bring this nuanced storytelling to viewers, and I am grateful to our talented cast for their dedication in portraying these complex characters authentically. We hope that “Bahishkarana” resonates deeply with audiences across India.

Anjali, the lead actor, shared her thoughts on her character and said, “Playing Pushpa in Bahishkarana has been an incredibly fulfilling experience for me. The character’s journey from a naive courtesan to a woman who finds strength and courage against all odds is both challenging and immensely inspiring. Pushpa is a woman filled with mystery, and her story is a testament to the resilience and courage it takes to right a wrong. I’m excited for the ZEE5 audience to witness her transformation and hope they find her story as compelling as I did.”

Stream ‘Bahishkarana’ starting July 19 on ZEE5!

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