AP Political Parties’ Donation Receipts: How Much?

Political parties in India have long been funded through various channels, sparking ongoing debates. Recently, a report highlighted the funding received by parties in Andhra Pradesh for the fiscal year 2022-23. The ruling YSRCP led with the highest donations, amounting to Rs 68 crores. A significant portion, Rs 52 crores, came through electoral bonds, while Rs 16 crores was received via the Prudent Trust.

Comparatively, the opposition parties, Telugu Desam Party and Janasena, received substantially less. Telugu Desam Party secured only Rs 11.92 crores in donations, showing a considerable difference from the ruling party’s funding. Surprisingly, Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena received a mere Rs 30 lakhs, considerably less than even the Communist parties’ reported Rs 2 crore.

On a national scale, BJP and Congress received notable funding amounts. The BJP garnered Rs 520 crores, with Rs 256.25 crores sourced from the Prudent Electoral Trust. This substantial sum correlates with the BJP’s position as the governing party at the national level.

The disparity in funding between ruling and opposition parties is striking in this report, often seen but notably pronounced in this instance. The reliance on electoral bonds and trusts for financial backing remains a focal point of debate, with concerns raised about transparency and fairness in political financing. These figures reinforce the importance of transparency and regulation in political funding, raising questions about the potential influence of monetary support on political agendas and decision-making processes.