Another Trouble For Aadipurush

Prabhas’s highly anticipated film, “Aadipurush,” directed by Om Raut, is scheduled for release on June 16th. However, the movie finds itself entangled in controversies and is met with hesitancy from Telugu distributors. Concerns over its identity as a Telugu movie have led distributors to question its potential success, casting a shadow over the film’s release.

The reluctance of Telugu distributors to back “Aadipurush” stems from their concerns about its Telugu appeal. Accustomed to supporting Telugu-centric movies, distributors are cautious about investing in a film that may not align with the preferences of the Telugu-speaking audience. This uncertainty arises from the belief that the film’s narrative, treatment, and overall presentation may not cater to the established sensibilities of Telugu cinema. Consequently, the hesitancy among distributors reflects a level of risk aversion and a preference for proven formulas over embracing innovation and venturing into uncharted territories.